Peer-to-peer texting at no markup

We charge the same amount per message as it would cost to host it yourself but without the infrastructure costs - no setup fee.

  • Pricing by unit

  • 1¢ per outbound SMS segment
  • 1¢ per inbound SMS segment
  • 2¢ per outbound MMS segment
  • 2¢ per inbound MMS segment
  • Contact validation at .25¢ per phone number
    (Confirm your numbers are textable!)
  • Access to helpdesk to file tickets with developers
  • Assuming you have 1 million phone numbers:

  • Validate numbers - $0.0025 per number * 1 million numbers = $2,500
  • Roughly half your numbers will be textable cells:
  • $0.01 per segment * 0.5 million 1-segment texts = $5,000
  • Total cost = $7,500

Pricing FAQ

Can I host Spoke myself?
Explore our direct pricing option here.
What types of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards as well as electronic ACH transfers.
How do you handle billing?
We bill at the end of the month for usage-based products (SMS segments, phone numbers), and at the top of the month for license-based products (consulting, database services, etc.)
Questions about pricing or interested in scheduling a demo?
Please reach out at
What is the difference between a SMS segment and a SMS message?
You can read about the difference here Segments and encodings.