Politics Rewired

We're a group of digital organizers and software developers committed to building the technical infrastructure the Left needs to win and wield power.

If you're interested in doing a user interview with us about your organization or organizing effort's data management needs, email us at info@politicsrewired.com.

What's Next

We've been planning a series of projects to fundamentally change the organizing technology landscape, and we'll have more information soon about what we're building and how. For now, check out our first blog post about the importance of technology for organizing projects.

We're also hiring!

Peer-to-Peer Texting

Spoke Rewired is a low-cost, out-of-the-box solution for your peer-to-peer texting team based on the open-source Spoke application. Use the same software that powered the Bernie Sanders 2020 texting program, which sent over 260 million messages. Need additional help? We also offer extra assistance in planning, building, and analyzing your campaigns from leaders of the Bernie 2020 National Texting Team.

More About Spoke Rewired

Messaging Platform

From their browser, your volunteers can send scripted and tailored messages to voters, donors, and fellow volunteers. Conversations requiring attention will automatically appear in texters' to-do lists, and they can easily respond, opt-out contacts, or even escalate trickier conversations to an administrator.

Administration Dashboard

From the dashboard, your team can:

  • Craft messaging scripts and surveys to facilitate texters’ conversations and capture data effectively
  • Allocate assignments based on volume, message type, and texter team or skill level
  • Review and modify conversation and survey data
  • View and export campaign results to sync back with your CRM

Optional List Validation

Built-in contact validation allows you to filter out landlines, reducing costs and ensuring successful message delivery. All validation results are stored in a database for later reference.

Automatic Resource Management

Spoke Rewired automatically assigns phone numbers to send your texts from, for local engagement and to ensure your messages aren't flagged as spam.