Rewired is hiring a director of operations to help with organizational administration and business development.

The ideal candidate will have experience managing organizations and developing business strategies within electoral campaigns or social movements, and and interest in cooperative development and in growing the cooperative sector.

We’re conducting interviews on a rolling basis, and looking for someone who can start as soon as possible. The application period will close on November 1st.

The Company

Politics Rewired is a worker-owned cooperative designing human and technological solutions for organizers. We work with organizers to streamline workflows, freeing them up to focus on what they do best: building relationships. We work with campaigns, unions, and movement organizations.

Politics Rewired was started by two technical co-founders and has grown to a team of 5 developers and 3 organizers. We are now looking for a director of operations and business development to help ensure that we continue to grow effectively and quickly, and that we make sound financial, client, and vendor decisions.

The Role

This role will encompass the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business, such as cash flow analysis, maintaining our books and working with our bookkeeper and CPA, managing the hiring process and keeping our hiring timeline, negotiating deals with cloud and telecom vendors, negotiating contracts with clients, collecting on invoices, and payroll and benefit management.

This role will also be responsible for managing and taking part in the bigger picture strategy and execution of the direction of the company, like ensuring we’re on track to meet company goals and initiatives, evaluating the success of different sales strategies, quarterly financial reports, and developing partnerships with other companies and political organizations.

From time to time, this role may also be called to help with urgent efforts outside of domain expertise.


We are 100% remote during COVID-19 and have members in New York, California, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.


Base rate of ($70k/year) with health, vision, and dental insurance. We cover 100% of premiums on a low-deductible plan. Additionally, members receive shares of quarterly profit distributions.

The Product

Politics Rewired is currently working on 2 products.

Spoke Rewired, which offers a low-cost, out-of-the-box solution for peer-to-peer texting programs. Based on the open-source Spoke application but enhanced with automated administrative actions, Spoke Rewired is the most effective way for campaigns and organizations to manage their contact lists.

Assemble, which will enter a beta launch later this year and more widespread launch early next year, is a powerful new way of interacting with organizer data, providing the flexibility and ease of use of Airtable or Google Sheets in building custom workflows backed by the scale, data-integrity, and extensibility of PostgreSQL.

Desired Qualities


For this position to be a good fit, you must:

  • Be familiar with basic bookkeeping and accounting rules and regulations
  • Understand how to make cash flow projections for different business scenarios
  • Be detail oriented and responsible
  • Be polite, friendly, and able to interact with clients
  • Have an interest in or experience with grassroots organizing and building the Progressive-Left
  • Be excited about being a co-owner and cooperative member who participates in company decisions
  • Have at least 1 year of organizational management experience


  • Familiarity with SQL
  • Ability to travel occasionally (after COVID, of course)

How to Apply

To apply for this position, please send a resume, an updated portfolio, a short cover letter, and the name, email, and contact info for two past work references to These could be a previous boss or co-worker, or someone that you’ve worked with on an organizing project with.

Equal Opportunity

Rewired is an equal opportunity employer. We highly encourage applications from all backgrounds, and don’t discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, race, class background, or otherwise. We believe that the most impactful work—and the best work environments—include and foster a range of diverse perspectives. Any applicant who requires an accommodation in order to apply for or perform the essential functions of the job should contact us at with the subject line “Application Accommodation” to request such an accommodation.