Rewired is hiring texters! Yes, you can get paid to text!

The Company

Politics Rewired is a small worker-owned cooperative designing human and technological solutions for organizers. We work with organizers to streamline workflows, freeing them up to focus on what they do best: building relationships. We work with campaigns, unions, and movement organizations.

The Role and Team

As a paid texter, you will work in coordination with program managers from Politics Rewired to send texts and respond to text messages on behalf of our clients. You will work alongside other paid texters to accomplish the sending goals of each campaign.

Paid texters are responsible for the following:

  • Sending initial messages
  • Fielding replies according to scripts and provided training and materials
  • Communicating with program managers regarding resources and materials needs, scheduling, and program and messaging success
  • Complying with all relevant P2P laws and guidelines

This position’s hours will vary month-to-month based on campaign deadlines and pushes as well as the election cycle. Politics Rewired will give advance notice when texts are available to send.

We expect work to be concentrated around weekdays with larger expected volume toward the end of each month.


We are 100% remote during COVID-19 and have members in New York, California, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.


$25 an hour - with minimum and maximum hours per month fixed.

This project will be variable. In order to keep the workload as equally balanced across the paid texter team, a maximum of 50 hours per month will be enforced. In particularly high volume periods, extra hours may be approved in order to meet program goals.

If under 10 hours are offered within a monthly period, texters will be given a flat monthly minimum of $250.00.

The Project

Politics Rewired is partnering with Aisle 518 Strategies to bring full service peer-to-peer texting to select campaigns. Program managers will build campaigns, advise on messaging, and report on outcomes of texting campaigns, and paid texters will ensure that texts are sent in a timely and professional manner.

Spoke Rewired

We will be texting using the version of Spoke developed by Politics Rewired, Spoke Rewired.

Desired qualities:

For this position to be a good fit, you must:

  • Have experience as a paid or volunteer texter using a P2P platform such as Spoke
  • Have experience working with a remote distributed team
  • Have firm grasp on Slack, Google Suite programs (google docs, slides, drive system)

For this position to be a good fit, you should:

  • Have experience with Spoke Rewired
  • Have experience in a volunteer leader position in a remote distributed team

A great candidate will also have:

  • Non-English language proficiency (especially Spanish)

How to Apply

Please send the following to

  • Resume
  • A brief statement about why you think you’re well suited for this role
  • The name, email, and contact information of one past work or volunteer reference

Equal Opportunity

Rewired is an equal opportunity employer. We highly encourage applications from all backgrounds, and don’t discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, race, class background, or otherwise. We believe that the most impactful work—and the best work environments—include and foster a range of diverse perspectives. Any applicant who requires an accommodation in order to apply for or perform the essential functions of the job should contact us at with the subject line “Application Accommodation” to request such an accommodation.